Friday, May 9, 2008

The Appeal by John Grisham: book review

THE APPEAL is John Grishams most exciting novel in years. It is a scathing critique of judicial elections and the influence Big Business imparts on the democratic process. The original trial involves the familiar story from A Civil Action, a contaminated small-town water supply leads to a cluster of cancer cases. A woman loses many family members to cancer, cancer liked to toxic dumping by a chemical company. The company knows it may lose on appeal but has great hope when it is proposed that the best way to guarantee a win is to finance the campaign of a candidate to the elected Mississippi Supreme Court that is pro business. The story is not about the trial, which is neatly wrapped up within the first two chapters, but rather a story of justice purchased at the highest levels. While the ending is not what you would expect from a Grisham novel, it is still well within the tradition of Grisham's other books: full of suspense; fast moving; and well written.

THE APPEAL demonstrates what lengths big-time CEOs will go through to protect their prized position in the country clubs of the super-wealthy. A must read for all fans of John Grisham...

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A list of all John Grisham books by year

John Grisham book list by year:
1989 - A Time to Kill
1991 - The Firm
1992 - The Pelican Brief
1993 - The Client
1994 - The Chamber
1995 - The Rainmaker
1996 - The Runaway Jury
1997 - The Partner
1998 - The Street Lawyer
1999 - The Testament
2000 - The Brethren
2001 - A Painted House
2001 - Skipping Christmas
2002 - The Summons
2003 - The King of Torts
2003 - The Bleachers
2004 - The Last Juror
2005 - The Broker
2006 - The Innocent Man
2007 - Playing for Pizza
2008 - The Appeal NEW!!!